Margarita Zavyalova

12 years of experience in solving business problems in the field of international law in Europe, North America and Asia
Individual approach. Always available via any convenient for you means of communication from 09:00 till 19:00 (Moscow time +03), on weekdays
I solve a wide range of business problems in international law - from opening a bank account abroad to rescheduling of budgeting for a particular country
Lawyer, jurisconsult, business mediator in the field of international law
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When entering foreign markets, it is important for you to study carefully local specifics and tax climate of a foreign country. Only in this way, you will be able to develop your activities without problems with the country laws and excessive tax burden. So it will help you to develop much faster.
When do you need the help of an international lawyer?
The most common tasks to be solved when entering foreign markets are
Conclusion of a contract with a foreign company, negotiating
Establishing a company/ a representative office/ a branch of a company in another state
Acquisition/sale of real estate or other assets
Dispute resolution with foreign partners
Registration of a bank account in foreign banks
What are the possible solutions?
Immerse yourself in solving the problem.
We don't know those things that we don't know. If you lack proper qualifications, you have no complete picture of the situation and significantly increase business and tax risks, acting without specialists.
Hire an international lawyer.
This apparent optimal solution has two disadvantages:
- Nowadays such specialists are rare, and only a few of them are really experienced and competent in the whole country.
- The problem of employment. Hiring a specialist, it is necessary to set tasks for him properly, assign performance criteria and control the result. To do this it is necessary to be well informed of international law.
Contact a law firm
In this case, your issues in international law are resolved quite efficiently.
The only drawback of this solution is its high cost.
You pay not only for the work of the lawyer, but also for:
- support of the company management - marketing, working environment, utilities and other expenses of the company - profit for the owner
I offer you a partnership with personal responsibility for your result.
I take on the full range of legal work that is usually performed by a law firm - from planning and setting tasks to their implementation and reporting.
At the same time, you pay only for my time, without extra charges, typical for law firms.
Private lawyer with the status of attorney in the field of international law
More than 12 years of experience in international law
Official status of a lawyer (I am a member of the Moscow College of Advocates)
I work with all clients under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
A long practice of working with businesses has shown that victory loves preparation. I was convinced by the hundreds entrepreneurs' experience with whom I had worked before entering the international market, that it is necessary to have an exact understanding of the local legislation specifics.
Full list of provided services
Restructuring of the international business tax planning
Selection of the most suitable banks for account registration and currency transactions
Legal support of purchase and sale transactions abroad
Registration of bank accounts abroad on a ready to operate basis
Trade mark registration in different ambits: America, Europe, Asia, Russia and others
Registration of business and branches in Russia and abroad, making of tax reporting
Acquisition of payment and investment licenses in the USA, EU, Asia
Legal support for M&A deals
Acquisition and sale of assets/real estate abroad, obtaining residence permit /permanent residency
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My cases
(Real company names are anonymized under NDA)
What do I offer you?
I do not just tell you what you need to do, but set the task to the desired solution
I'm ready to take your bane of solving legal tasks on a ready to operate basis under the regular reporting
Sign NDA with each client. My status as an attorney ensures the integrity of your information
Approach "From consultation to result"
From work on a specific task to full outsourcing
Full privacy and information integrity
I tackle company tax problems in the international ambits on my own responsibility. My task is completely disburden you from the tax structure problems and your business reporting.

Save weeks on finding an adequate lawyer or law firm. I am ready to consult you for free and give you a clear and transparent structure of solving your question.
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